Friday, July 30, 2010


I blame Erin for this.

Sarah's been home sick for the past two days. Yesterday I got my new glasses in, so she asked me to stop by after work so she could insist that they don't make me look like a lesbian.

I walk in, and there's Sarah, looking sad and pathetic on the couch. And in the chair next to her? Her roommate, Erin. I'm a fan of Erin. She's pretty, she's funny, she laughs at all my jokes, and she got a fantastic spray tan yesterday, which gave me an opportunity to reminisce about the time I went to get a spray tan. I told them I didn't want anything too drastic, because in case they couldn't tell, I'm practically an albino. Fact: I have to use tinted moisturizer because they don't make foundation light enough to match my skin. So when the girl behind the counter said, "Oh - I'm gonna make you dark," I probably should have run screaming. I recently stumbled across a picture of myself from that period of my life...let's just say it was a dark time. A dark time indeed.

I sat and chit-chatted for a few minutes before insisting that I needed to get home to Brutus and away from the sick child. My boss had given me very specific instructions to stay far, far away from her while she was sick, and to wash my hands thirty times after being in the same room with her. 

Enter Erin. 

"Oh, come on!!! Hang out with us!!! You never hang out with us!!! I hardly see you!!!" 

Why does she have to be so darn lovable? So I consented to watch the pilot episode of The O.C. (She owns all the seasons on DVD.) 

Eh, one episode, what difference could it make? It'll only be an hour so there's no way I could catch whatever stomach bug Sarah has in that amount of time. 


Also, I'll totally be able to watch the pilot of this show without wanting to watch every other episode. I hear it sucks, and I am impervious to things that suck. 

Oh, so wrong! Have you met you? You love every show. Especially the ones that suck. That's why you don't have a tv. 

Anyway, as you might have deduced, today I stayed home sick from work and have been watching episodes of The O.C. between naps. 

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