Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nobody Talk to Me

In a few hours, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins will be mine (you may relive my obsession with this trilogy here) and after that I will be physically and emotionally unavailable for approximately 72 hours.

Seriously, don’t try to talk to me, especially if you read faster than me (Leah) because I’m a wiz at interpreting facial expressions, even if you’re trying to hide what you’re really thinking. If you smile, I’ll assume everyone dies. If you don’t smile, I’ll assume everyone dies.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the emotional unavailability has started a little early, so here’s a link to a blog that describes my mood today.

**WARNING: This blog is much funnier than mine and might make you want to stop reading my stupid, non-funny blog and exclusively start reading this hilarious and interesting one instead. If you have disloyal tendencies, do us both a favor and don’t read it, because while this chick already has thousands of followers and probably won’t even notice if she gets one more, I can’t afford to lose one of the measly twenty I’ve accumulated. I’m very protective of my followers and will not allow any of them to wander.

**ANOTHER WARNING: This blog has lots of cussing in it, and I’m not talking about soft cussing like heck and darn. I’m talking about hard core sugar-honey-iced-tea and f-bomb dropping. I don’t use those words in my blog because I might get fired I don’t cuss ever because I’m a good person, but I also don't fault others for using them in a hilarious manner.

You’ve been warned. Click here only if you’re prepared to be hunted down and cussed at by me should you decide to desert me for this blog.

**SHOUT OUT: Thanks/no thanks to E. Bailey Sterling for turning me on to the funniest blog ever/reason I’ve decided to stop trying at life because I see now that someone is always better than me at everything.

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Tabi Burleson said...

While reading your blog from end-to-beginning ('cause that's how I roll), I literally described it to my friend as "Early Hyperbole and a Half, but without the cursing."