Monday, October 25, 2010

What I Did This Weekend...Because You're All DYING to Know

Friday night I cheered the Texas Rangers on to a 6-1 win against the Yankees and a ticket to the World Series for the first time in Rangers history. (It would have been 6-0 if A-Rod hadn't scored a dirty run. I'm just saying...the Yankees are cheaters.)

I'm not gonna pretend I'm some huge baseball fanatic and that I've watched every Rangers game ever played, but there was a time - back when Will Clark was at 1st base, Pudge Rodriguez was catching, Juan Gonzalez and Rusty Greer were in the outfield, and Mickey Tettleton was holding his bat funny - that I entertained dreams of becoming the first female player in major league baseball.

My plan was to replace Pudge. It all seemed to gel perfectly: I had a stumpy 12 year old body, a tomboyish obsession with baseball, Pudge was my hero, and I figured if my calculations were correct, he'd be good and ready to retire by the time I was old enough to play. (As it turns out, 12 looong years later, he's still puttering around the bases.)

What happened to those dreams, you ask? Let's see...I'm pretty sure I tossed them up into the top of my closet sometime during the 7th grade, right after I discovered boys liked me a lot more without the backwards baseball cap. (Both the dreams and the hat can still be found in my old room at my parents' house, gathering dust.)

Anyway, that's enough reminiscing. On to the next!

Saturday, I did a little pumpkin carving with eleven of my closest friends.

Here's mine:

...because I figured nothing says "I love you" like carving your husband's face into the side of a pumpkin.

I spent most of Sunday constructing our family's Halloween costumes. I can't tell you what they are because I'm really important and you might try to steal my idea.

JUST KIDDING! We're gonna be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and it is going to be awesome...even if there are only three of us...and the shells I made happen to strongly resemble chair cushions.

Now, having put your minds to rest on the subject of what I did this weekend, you may all return to your regularly scheduled Mondays.

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