Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Am I Secretly A Computer Nerd?

I'm not going to pretend that I ever use my computer for anything more advanced than bubble spinning. I don't know what C++ means; I just realized that the cute little penguin I keep seeing all over the internet is not just a cute little penguin, but the mascot for Linux (I don't know what that is either, so please don't ask me); and I've always thought "defragging" sounded like a dirty word. But something happened this morning to make me suspect that in spite of all that, I might actually be a computer nerd GENIUS.

It all started with a numbered list I sent Sarah in an email earlier today. (Word to the wise: Sarah gets real weird if your emails aren't properly organized, so WATCH OUT.) I mentioned that it bugged me that the numbers were all in Times New Roman while the letters were all in Arial. She asked me how I could tell, and I explained that it was easy because Times is a serif font and Arial is sans serif. When she said that meant nothing to her, I explained further that serif fonts are the ones that have the little things on the ends of letters (hope you don't get lost in my super-technical computer lingo) to guide the eye on to the next letter, making them easier to read; sans serif fonts such as Arial are better for signs or other situations in which you want to get someone's attention, because since they are actually harder for the eye to read, a person has to (subconsciously) slow down and pay closer attention to each letter.*

Her next response was, "I feel like I'm seeing you in a whole new light right now," and she's been calling me Professor ever since.

The truth is, I'm seeing myself in a whole new light now. If only I had discovered this hidden prowess earlier, surely I would be rich by now! We could move out of the hood! And get a second car! AND I COULD HAVE A BABY OF MY OWN INSTEAD OF CREEPIN' ON OTHER PEOPLE'S BABIES!!!** So if anyone would like to pay me lots of money to teach them how to be a computer genius like myself, I'm quite at my leisure.

*Yes, I realize that this means it would be easier for all of you to read my blog if it were presented in a serif font...but I think sans serif is cleaner looking and apparently have little concern for your ease of reading because I'm not a very nice person.
**Let's be honest...that'll probably never happen. I love babies, okay?

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Jaymee Estrada said...

I love this! In fact, I love your blog! Sorta reminds me of Jen Lancaster! And of course she is one of my favorites!