Friday, January 21, 2011

Emily's Favorite Things

Don't look so excited; I'm too poor to buy stuff for myself, much less for all nine of you who read this blog. (Thanks, by the way. Though you are few, you are mighty.) This is pretty much just a way for me to justify spending half the day on the internet. At home of course...not at work.

1. Keeping My Job - because I do NOT spend half the work day on the internet looking up lip gloss and vacation packages.

2. Dr Pepper Lip Smacker - I can't have the real thing, but that's okay because the real thing never made me look this good. (Double meaning, yesssss.)
3. The Kills - Midnight Boom

(This part of the list could go on forever.)

5. Big Teeth - such as the ones featured here on the lovely Caroline Geiger. (Pay no attention to the fact that Tejal is eating her face. It was all in good fun.) I actually like it when people's teeth are so big that they can barely shut their mouths. It makes me happy and jealous at the same time. Stop judging me.

6. PIZZA - Preferably Papa John's "The Meats" and preferably with garlic sauce. Just in case you were planning on surprise-ordering me some pizza. You're so thoughtful!

7. Embarrassingly Bad Movies - with the occasional good movie thrown in. I won't tell you which one of these I actually thought was good. (Here's a hint: all of them, with an emphasis on the second one. Whitney D. - I hope someday you can forgive me.)

8. Looking At Pictures of Babies That Are Not Mine


9. Looking Up Vacations I Can't Afford to Take - but not at work. NEVER AT WORK.

10. Planning Sarah's Wedding - even though she's single. (Hey, I'm as surprised as you are.)


Joanna said...

Mean Girls is NOT bad movie.

Little More Twang for Your Buck said...

I loved Easy A!

The One Who Didn't Get Famous By Selling Out said...

AAAAAAAAAARP! I am both shouting at you and reminding you of the wonderful medical benefits to be had when you reach the 50+ age bracket (you'll figure it out...just give it a sec).

But I just can't stay mad at you.

And Another Thing said...

I agree with Joanna. We all know that the biggest mistake of Tina Fey's career was casting Lindsey Lohan in her movie, but she more than made up for it by giving us back Tim Meadows (if only for a short while),sharing fabulously flamboyant one-liners, and teaching us how to say the n-word in Vietnamese.

Jaymee Estrada said...

I love all those movies and have seen each a dozen or so time. Of course not in a row, of course not!