Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

And so do I.

Yesterday was the third happiest day of my life, right behind my wedding day and the day I found out Verizon was getting the iPhone*. Wait a minute...two of those were on the same day! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!?

And now for the transformation photos:

Dark, boring, and just plain sad

Blonde! Happy! Better at life!
I'm not sure if you can tell how happy I am in that second picture. I hadn't eaten anything since my hair appointment, but I could already tell food was going to taste better because smells smelled better. Colors seemed brighter (with the exception of course of seafoam green, which, I imagine as a gift from Heaven for suddenly becoming prettier, I ceased to be able to see at all) and every sound was transformed into beautiful, harmonious music as it reached my ears. People I passed on the street just started handing me money and predicting that my future children would all be good looking and smart but not stuck up in the least.

So Tina Howrey has officially topped my list of best birthday gift givers of all time; first with the gift of life, and now with the gift of fantastic, awe-inspiring, cancer-curing hair.

THANKS MOM! I love you more now because of this.**

*I have neither Verizon nor the money for an iPhone. I just thought it was funny how big a deal everyone was making about it yesterday.
**I kid, I kid. I couldn't possibly love you more than I did when you gave me money for that camcorder last Christmas.

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