Monday, January 17, 2011

Operation: Birthday Blog

Sup, blogosphere? Before you get too excited, I should probably warn you that I am not Emily Gray. Or Black. Or Red. Or whatever other alter egos she's taken on since she got married and her last name got a little funnier. In honor of my little Emilelele's old, withering body officially hitting that quarter of a century mark, I've decided to give her a break from all the typing (who knows how many more blogs those fingers are going to be able to pound out before the arthritis kicks in and forces the rest of us to actually work while we're at work?!) and pay homage to the life and times of my dear sister.

Where to begin! Let's start back in the Great Depression when we were just a couple of kids testing the lung capacity of a kitten:

Ohhh, the memories. Anyway, enough nostalgia. Let's fast forward through the years... present day!

Now I know what you're all thinking:  "MAN ALIVE, that girl is pretty!" And, of course, you're right. She's really pretty. really, really pretty.

Once you've calmed down a little, though, I imagine you'll find yourselves wondering, "WHAT is she going to do NEXT?!" Here's a little sneak peek at what I believe to be Emily Gray's plans for the next 25 years:

1.  Emily will keep on keepin' on with G-Ray and Brooty Brooty Brooty Brooty Rockin' Everywhere.

2.  She's going to have one! thousand! babies! Or maybe just fourish; it's too early to tell. She's pretty much a natural when it comes to things that are awesome, cute, and/or babies, so you might wanna get excited about it.

3.  After having said babies, Emily will retire from answering the phones at our top secret workplace to be a stay-at-home mom, occasionally coming out of retirement for a cameo here and there on Glee. 

4.  Somewhere in the middle of all of this, she'll grow out a curly mustache and demand that we all start calling her Sheriff. This little episode won't last long, but she'll have made quite a name for herself across the Wild Wild Midwest before it's all said and done.

5.  Finally and most obviously, Emily will be spending the next 25 years of her life hanging out with me every single day and loving it or else.

Aww see how happy we look? That's love.

That's love.

Happy birthday, friend.  Thanks for never changing your passwords.

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mm mmm mmmmmmmm I love me some Emily Gray