Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Against All Odds

My mom, dad, and brother are all enjoying a nice day at home together because the roads are so icy and yet, here I am. In Colorado. At work.

Also, I have an obscene amount of dog hair on my pants today as a result of the epic struggle to get my dog to come inside this morning. (I know he's a husky and he loves the snow...but even so, leaving him outside in -10° weather doesn't seem like something that would win me Pet Owner of the Year...and lately I've been thinking that statue might be just what I need to round out my mantle.*) I let him outside to do his business, and then when I called for him to come back inside, he looked at me, squared his shoulders, and firmly sat down in the middle of the yard. I could actually see our electricity bill rising in little squiggly waves as I stood there with the door open, stubbornly hoping he'd change his mind so I wouldn't be forced to go out there and get him. Of course that didn't happen, so I marched out into the yard to show him who was boss. And when I say "show him who was boss," I really mean, "curse under my breath...and then gradually not so much under my breath while chasing him around in circles because I'm running late and he thinks we're playing."

To top everything off, I just put deodorant on (at 9:20am...after having been at work for nearly an hour and a half) because this morning when I realized I hadn't put it on yet, I was already wearing upwards of five layers on my upper body and it was clear there was no turning back. (And then once I got to work...I just forgot.)

And yet...for some reason, I still find myself in a reasonably good mood. What can I say? My hair looks really good today.

*You guys, I lied. Not only am I not sure that award exists; I don't even have a mantle.

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Hailey said...

I definitely layered like i was going skiing on mt. everest. i have a pair of tights, leggings and then my dress pants on. wool socks, under shirt, sweater, vest and then a jacket. and you better believe i doubled up on hoods too. i consider staying warm today my workout.