Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh Yes, She Will Be Mine.

Who, you ask?


Her name is Kiya (rhymes with Maya; also known as KI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YAH*), she's a seven year-old Alaskan Husky, and as you can see she is a BIT of a hottie mcdottie. Her owner used to live in the Springs but has recently moved to Arizona where the heat is a little too much for her, so we're taking her in purely out of the goodness of our hearts. JUST KIDDING! It has nothing to do with the goodness of our hearts. We just think she's awesome and would love to have another dog. We're hoping she can teach Brutus how to be a grown-up.

She's coming up in a couple of weeks and, pending a rigorous screening process (which involves putting her and Brutus in the backyard together for a few hours and making sure they don't kill each other), she might just become the newest member of the Gray family!

Twenty points** to the reader who comes up with the most creative nickname. GO!

*Name that rap song!
**Points may be redeemed at any time for one free rap performance from Emily Gray. Additional performances may be purchased with solid gold bricks and/or Pappadeaux gift cards.