Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time-Waster Thursday!

Here's a bunch of stuff I found (at home; not at work. NEVER AT WORK) to keep you all from doing work.

First off, I don't know where this tiny-dogs-and-tiny-goats trend came from, but I LIKE IT.

Now for the token adorable/surprisingly jaded for such a young kid video:

This one's for the music lovers. JUST KIDDING! It's for the shirtless frat boy lovers. (You have to click the Watch on YouTube link as this video apparently can't be embedded.)

You all know how much I love Rage Against the Machine and huge dorks who embarrass themselves all over the internet (AHEM, chick in the red shirt)...which brings me to our next video!

I like this one for obvious reasons.

Real men steal food from a pack of hungry lions.

And last but not least, this is mildly hilarious.

Congratulations! Your time has just been WASTED.

All these videos were found on thedailywhat.

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