Monday, June 27, 2011


Gary and I got back yesterday from an awesome week at camp! While we were gone, we spent a total of 40+ hours on a bus; hung out with some awesome high school friends; went tubing, banana boating, and parasailing; dabbled in synchronized swimming; played a little beach volleyball; got pied in the face; ran around in the pouring rain like a bunch of crazy people; had big hair and LOVED EVERY SECOND.

So why did I say mostly, you ask? While I fared pretty well (getting my first watch tan, getting a tan at all, having fantastically curly hair all week, drinking slushies and learning how to be cool by using hot pink pre-wrap as a headband) Gary didn't do so hot.

First off, there was his toe. He bruised both of his big toenails the week before we left by wearing shoes that were too small to work, so he was pretty sure he'd probably end up losing both of them eventually. Naturally, as we got off the bus at camp, a certain red-headed someone (I don't want to name names but ERIC) sped up the process by stepping on his toe. So during the camp welcome, I looked down to see that blood was gushing out of the top of his toenail at an alarming rate. When I urged him to go see the camp doctor, he replied that he was a man and all he needed was a little duct tape.*

His voice was gone after about the third day, and around the same time his sunburns began to develop sunburns. When I offered him some after-sun lotion, he replied that he was a man and therefore did not use lotion of any kind.

On the fifth day he went tubing with his cabin and jacked up his knee, giving him a bit of a gangster lean. After seeing him limp around camp, I offered him some Tylenol, to which he replied that he was a man and his body would heal itself.

So I guess if he dies, it will be a comfort to know he died like a man.

*At one point, when the wrap around his toe came off during a game of tug of war, I watched him rip the sleeve off the shirt he was wearing, tie it around his toe, and rejoin the fray.

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