Thursday, September 22, 2011

Captain No Pants

I went to a high school softball game yesterday with our friends Hailey and Brit. They dropped me off at my house afterwards because they're nice and also I think they suspected that I probably would have died if I'd tried to walk home, either from exhaustion or, more likely, a murderer.

As I was walking up to my house, Gary poked his head out from behind the curtain to wave at them before they drove away. I walked in to find that, as per usual when he's not at work, he was down to just a t-shirt and boxers, which he explained was the result of a half-successful attempt at changing from jeans into basketball shorts.

A few seconds later, Gary's phone rang. He answered with, "Yeah, so I wasn't wearing pants, what are you gonna do about it?!?" I could hear Brit laughing for what seemed like a disproportionately long time before he informed Gary that he the sole purpose of his phone call had been to confirm a suspicion that the reason only Gary's head was visible through the window was that the rest of him was naked.


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