Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hundy Vee Hundo

Back by popular demand: A POLL!

A rather heated debate took place in my living room last night regarding the proper way to slang up the word "hundred". I've decided not to reveal which person insisted on which version in the interest of fairness. This isn't a popularity contest; it's just a regular contest.

I'll give you an example of each so you can make an educated decision.


Person A: How much did that TV set you back?
Person B: Around five hundo.


Person A: Percentagewise, how much of your heart would you say is dedicated to loving Emily Gray?
Person B: A hundy fo sho.

I'll give you until Monday at 8am to cast your votes, and then I'll announce which member of my family (Sarah or Gary) has the right to stick his or her tongue out at the other member.

CLICK HERE to get your vote on!

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