Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Portrait of an Apology

This post was doomed before it began. I created the masterpiece below as a clever play on a phrase whose origin I couldn't quite remember, although I was pretty sure it was the title of some esteemed work of literature or maybe a fancy movie.

As it turns out, "Portrait of an Apology" is nothing more than an obscure non-title track from a fifteen-year-old Jars of Clay album of little renown. Wamp-waaammmmmmp.

The most frustrating part is that the picture wasn't even the main point of the post! It was just supposed to be a little happetizer before the main course (a letter begging forgiveness from the light post I accidentally rammed with Gary's giant truck in the parking lot this morning*) which I am now far too downtrodden to compose, so now that light post probably thinks I don't even care.

Disappointment abounds.

*Gary, don't worry. The light post is fine.

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