Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Swear I'm Not Pregnant

My very dear friend Samantha did a photoshoot for Gary and me over the weekend. We're celebrating ten years together this Christmas but it'll be freezing cold when that happens, so we decided to do it now.

Also Sam takes awesome pictures and I just wanted an excuse to be in one of them.

Plus I miss Gary when he's gone so this will give me something to stare at as I cry myself to sleep.*

Here are my top five favorites. JUST KIDDING! They're my top ten, because I couldn't decide on five!

If you live in Colorado and need pictures taken, I HIGHLY recommend Megan Hardre Photography! They are awesome and deserve your business!!!

*Somehow I'm always the only person who thinks this joke is funny.


Sarah Liz said...

Love them all ! You are beautiful and they turned out amazing. I wish I could see you sometime soon, its been forever! You could meet my babies :-)

Emily said...

Thank you Sarah! It HAS been forever!!! Your babies are ADORABLE and I hope I do get to meet them one day!