Monday, November 19, 2012

The Doors

A couple weekends ago, I attempted to open the pocket door (one of those ones that slides into the wall) to our kitchen, but I guess I wasn't quite ready to let go.

Then earlier today, I was carrying two boxes in from the car. Instead of setting one of them down before opening my front door, I decided it would be much easier to balance the 12-pack of cokes between my knee and the door while I turned the handle. After that it would just be a simple matter of pushing the door open and quickly grabbing the 12-pack by the handle in the top of the box before it fell to the ground. 

It worked, sort of. I caught it, but I was a little over zealous on the push and ended up losing a little skin on my knuckle.

Then just moments ago, I shut my foot in a closet door. (There's no picture to go with this just looks like a normal foot.)

I think maybe what I need is a refresher course.

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