Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The One Where I Married an Old Man

I read this article on Apartment Therapy yesterday about being addicted to Amazon Prime.

Just yesterday, Gary and I were weighing the value of the paying significantly less for a particular item and getting it shipped for free against our own impatience and near inability to wait two whole days for something we want RIGHTNOW. What can I say, we're millennials. (Which, in case you haven't heard, makes us the worst.)

So I sent him the article in an email that looked like this:
I will first share with you the second half of the email he sent back, because it is funny and worth reading.
And yes, this is us. I have taken to putting things in the shopping cart for a day just to see if I still want it the next morning...and by still want it, I mean can suddenly magically afford it.
Wasn't that cute? Funny? Delightfully witty and young-sounding? Okay so I don't want to break your brain or anything, but now try to wrap your head around the first half of the message and the fact that it was written by a 26 year old man who is NOT senile:
Yeah, Amazon's great...until the GOVERNMENT FINDS A WAY TO GET ITS HANDS ON IT. 
I may have embellished a little on the capitalization...and he may have included a "wah-wahhh" at the end, indicating that it was a joke...but still.