Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pow Pow Pow...You're Dead!

If I didn't know me, I'd look at this picture and think I saw three experienced skiier/snowboarders on yet another routine trip down the gondola. They live in Colorado so they probably do this all the time...in fact that guy in the orange appears to be growing bored with the whole thing.

However, since I DO know me...I know that that little girl on the end there is rather out of place.

This was the day of my first snowboarding experience. Gary set me up right: new ski jacket, ski pants, gloves, quality board and boots rental, and a full day lesson; everything one could reasonably need for a successful first day. Unfortunately, he couldn't provide the few things I needed the most: coordination, balance, athleticism.

After a day of falling on my hands, my knees, my butt, my back, and a few good knocks to the back of the head, I decided I was done for the weekend. I'm not saying I've officially retired from boarding...because I'm pretty sure in order to "retire", you need to have actually stood up on a board for more than ten seconds.

On the other hand, my career in getting hot stone massages is looking very promising.


Vana said...

you crack me up. I mean, the heading...genius! Way to be a BA off the slopes....and that is what matters, because the majority of your life...I'm pretty sure...is lived off the slopes. Pow.

graymatter said...


(that's the sound of me dying)

mrs.fitz said...

i think i should've gone so i could have kept you company...i would have been right there with ya!