Monday, May 18, 2009


I thought for a while about how to make this post as hilarious as those that came before...but I decided to just respect the occasion and offer some mushy congratulations.

Two of our dearest friends got engaged this weekend. After much preparation, a sprint through the DFW airport, and some misplaced luggage, Levi finally got this amazing ring on her finger. So unique & so gorgeous, just like the girl who wears it.

Congratulations, Levi and Leah!!! We love you guys so much.


i am leah. said...

ugh. i love you so much.
thank you for the 30 hours you spent in the car to see me for about 5 hours.
i get to see you again in 3 weeks!

Vana said...

amen! we know you're hilarious, even if you take a break for several posts. So excited and so true about unique ring and unique Leah. :)