Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who's the Boss?

I am.

That bear came in here acting like he was the greatest creature ever to waltz through downtown on four legs...well let me tell you, he wasn’t. I let him have his fun, run around a little, chew on the ankles of a couple of girls from income processing, but after half my workday had been eaten up by all the bearanoia, I decided enough was enough. I lured him in with the half eaten brown trout I happened to have in my car, and once he was within striking distance, I said “Look here bear, your reign of bear-ror is over.” and punched him square in his wet little bear nose. I let the professionals take it from there, so at least they could feel like they did something.

To everyone I work with, you're welcome.


Hailey said...

i owe you my life

Levi said...

I'm pretty sure that is just a picture of a rottweiler w/ long hair.

...and i've had hair lice bigger than that thing.

stupid fake midget bear.

Daniel D said...

i don't know what's going on in your bearea, but it sounds like you bearly were able to contain yourself. next time don't hesitate: bear your teeth, bust out your billy cub, and wave it in the bear. no lives will be sbeared.

JoC. said...

AHAHAHHAHAHA!!! levi had lice.