Monday, January 4, 2010

why the h not?

We love our dog. We think he is the best dog ever. So naturally, Gary wants another one...which would be fine with me, except that we are about to be a one-truck family, and I'm not sure how two humans and two fully grown dogs would do sitting four wide in The Beast. Gary insists that the dogs would both sit happily in the bed of the truck, but I digress.

The real point of this post is that I thought of the most perfect set of names for our next few pets. Argy, Ragy, and Gyra. (Although it would go along with the scheme, you'll notice I did not include Yarg, as I am neither a loser nor a pirate.)

Get it? Get it? I know, it's ingenious, right? Unfortunately, Gary refuses to let me use any of them because he feels weird about it. He says it would basically be naming our pets after him, which would make him feel a little cocky. I told him he needs to get over it and let me do what I want.

My back's starting to hurt from sleeping on the floor every night.

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Daniel D said...

or you could anagram gary gray and name it rayaggry or yayggarr or something. i guess.