Monday, March 29, 2010

Everybody Loves Lamp

I spend a considerable amount of time looking at home design blogs, hoping to stumble across an idea I can replicate at little to no expense. So far I've been able to afford to do very little, but a girl can dream - and in my dreams I'm a rich young housewife with no kids and nothing better to do than decorate and then redecorate my spacious mountain home. Oh and sit next to a large window sipping gourmet coffee. Wearing a size 2 shirtdress and a tan.

In the meantime, I'm sure I'm too poor to be such a snob, but I feel compelled to take a stand here: I AM SO SICK OF THIS LAMP.

Don't get me wrong; Ikea has the capacity to be the happiest place on earth (except for that time in college they convinced you that those 30 dollar twin bedframes were such a steal, so you bought them only to find that they were impossible to put together - plastic pegs for nails? really? - and I imagine about as comfortable to sleep on as, say, the overturned door of a jail cell...but I digress.)

So to all you design bloggers out there: I love you. You can make me covet my neighbors' goods in ways I never thought possible. You had me thisclose to painting the walls in my kitchen the most horrific shades of Robin's Egg and Tangerine. You have no idea how close. But PLEASE, for the love of Texas, stop plastering photos of this posterboard home-ec project all over my blogroll.

That is all.

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Daniel D said...

this lamp came with my apartment. so did an inexplicable orange square painted on my kitchen wall, about 2' by 2'. i painted over the square in an act of defiance. the lamp still reigns, though. i guess maybe because it provided some kind of purpose. or maybe because it is a deity. either way, try as i might, it kept my tyrannical defiant removal attempts at bay. i guess. this paragraph has been steadily sliding into a chasm since it started.