Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Facebook Statuses That Would Be Inappropriate to Post Considering I’m Friends with Half My Coworkers:

Emily Gray hasn’t had a shower in 4 days.

Emily Gray just reached level 39 on Bubble Spinner. It only took 6 hours!!!

Emily Gray frequently takes naps under her desk.

Emily Gray just burped in a donor’s ear.

Emily Gray wears flip flops to work.

Emily Gray sometimes just hangs up on donors for fun.

Emily Gray gets paid more than the president thanks to a little agreement she worked out with Payroll.

Emily Gray sometimes uses the word “agreement” when she really means “blackmail.”

Emily Gray likes to slip the f word into her phone conversations to see if staff people notice. They usually don’t.

Emily Gray loves crack cocaine.

Ok, ok. Calm down. Obviously one of these isn’t true.

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Hailey said...

BAHAHA. thank you.