Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ode to Leah

Leah Karen Mae Armstrong is 24 today!

I called our local radio station to dedicate a few songs to her: Don't Stop BeLeahvin' by Journey, I HonestLeah Love You by Olivia Newton-John, Leahving On A Jet Plane by the Beatles, and my personal favorite, TruLeah MadLeah DeepLeah by Savage Garden...but by the time I was finished listing them off, they had hung up on me.

I've known Leah since she moved to Wylie in the fifth grade, meaning our friendship is 13 years old and still going strong. Over the years, I've learned a thing or two about her.

Here are some fun facts:

Leah spent most of her developmental years in the hood, so if it came down to it, she could beat you up.

Leah makes fantastic desserts. Her sopapilla cheesecake has gotten me through some tough times.

Leah is fluent in Spanish, Pig Latin, and whatever language it is that would cause her to pronounce my name “Opmoplop”.

Leah is real pretty.

Leah is a world-class Frisbee thrower, and yet she’s still nice enough to let me play and assure me repeatedly that I’m doing great, even though every time I throw a Frisbee it somehow ends up landing in the nearest body of water.

Leah has read every book ever written, at a rate of a thousand words per minute.

Leah loves all the same things that I love, including Glee, Harry Potter, and making fun of Kristen Stewart. This is probably why our friendship has lasted so long.

Leah would do anything for her friends, and that includes murder. Trust me, I would know.

Leah moved to Colorado just so we could be together. Also because her husband lives here...but I believe it was mostly for me.

Leah and Carly (our other best friend who completes the circle of love) are the Snap and Crackle to my Pop.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH!!! I'm glad you're my friend.

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