Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Really? Really. Really?!

Let me just start by saying: I would.

It all started with Snapfish. My phone is supposed to be set up with Snapfish to make it easy for me to upload photos from my phone to the web, but for some reason it's never worked for me. Operator error, I'm sure...but for some reason, this morning I thought I'd give it another shot.

Lo and behold, it worked! I was so excited! I've had all these pictures of Gary's belly just piling up on my phone and no way to share them with the world at large!

Only slightly more important than the belly pics were several precious pictures of our little nephew James. I was so excited to see them on the "big screen" if you will. (I will! Get it? Cell phone screen to computer screen? Eh? Eh?) Look at his little nose! His little cheeks! His little eyelashes! His little shirt with a bear on it!

Wait...that bear looks familiar...

Oh no. Oh no. Ohhh nonononononono. Really?!? Is this possible?!? Could I BE this stupid?!?!?

Oh yes, my friends. It most definitely is possible, and I really am this stupid.

The bear looked familiar because I purchased an adorable little outfit this weekend featuring the same bear. And the same striped sleeves. And the same brown pants. For James.

In case you're a little slow on the uptake (and obviously, who am I to judge?), this means that I bought him a shirt that he not only already has, but was wearing one of the two times we've been in the same room together.


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