Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friyeeday, Friyeeday, Gettin' Down On Fri-Dayee

Well it's Friday, and ya know what that means! Time for a totally pointless list of ten things!

1. Stranger Than Fiction was on tv last night. I caught the guitar scene over at Sarah's and now have an unquenchable thirst to watch the entire movie.

2. I read an excerpt yesterday from an interview with Rebecca Black (the girl who sang "Friday"). It made me feel really bad for making fun of an 8th grader.

3. Then today I watched her interview on Good Morning America and she got on my nerves, so I guess we're back to square one. (Read: I'm still a bad person.)

4. My foot itches.

5. Yesterday it was 70 degrees outside, so of course when I woke up this morning there was snow on the ground.

6. It's gone now. (The snow, not the itch.)

7. I'm gonna try to trick Gary into buying me pizza tonight. (Gary, if you're reading this, of course I'm just kidding. But now that you mention it, doesn't pizza sound good for dinner???)

8. Sarah's car's been in the shop for the last couple of days, so naturally the insurance company set her up with a rental car that smells like cigarette smoke.

9. On the bright side, she got a Wii last weekend. Our friend Thomas's house was broken into over Thanksgiving (all the cool kids are doing it) and they just found the guy who did it and got all Thomas's stuff back, including his Wii. The only thing is, he had already bought a new one, so Sarah asked him if she could buy his old one from him. The negotiations went a little something like this:

Thomas: Sure, I'll give it to you for fifty bucks.
Sarah: Oh no; I'll give you at least a hundred.
Thomas: I'll take seventy five.
Sarah: Deal.

Brit, who was standing close by, later expressed his concern that neither of them understand how negotiations work.

10. Colorado has Blue Bell now. About those twenty pounds I just lost...I think they're due for a comeback.

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