Friday, April 1, 2011

New Beginnings

I had a really good conversation with a few close friends last night and it really changed something in me. They helped me realize how much I use humor to cover up all my true feelings, so starting today I won't be doing that anymore. I know you guys are used to me cracking jokes and being silly on here, but I'd like to think you all care enough about me to stick around for the chance to get to know the real me.

So here it is. The real me. My real feelings. All out there for the world to see, love me or hate me. Free of the burden of trying to please everyone all the time. It's time to bust out of this glass case I'm in; the glass case I've built by masking my true feelings and emotions.

I invite you all to join me on this new journey I'm on to discover who I really am.

That begins by telling everybody what I really think. But how can I do that when I'm not even sure what I think? I just have all these thoughts whirling around in my head and sometimes it's hard to make sense of them. I wanna figure out where I really stand on the important issues, like, for example, is my favorite color really green like I've always claimed? Or have I just been too scared to admit that I might actually like purple more? These are the things I'd like to get to the bottom of.

GOSH it is so nice already to have this new online diary. I feel so much freedom. It's like this blog has suddenly become a beautiful green meadow with little baby bunnies hopping around and smelling flowers. Butterflies everywhere and not a cloud in the sky. So everybody, grab a blanket that you're not worried about getting dirty and let's have an internet picnic. I'm having a happiness sandwich with a nice cold glass of inner peace. What are YOU having?


Sunny Side UP! said...

I'm having a giddiness quesadilla with a mug of self assurance and a side of self discovery...with low fat dressing of course ;)

themausspad said...

I am so, so happy right now. I couldn't be happier if I were riding a Lisa Frank dolphin while licking an ice cream cone. :)

E Bailey said...

i'll have some curly fries, please.