Friday, May 27, 2011

Tim the Tool-Man Howrey

My dad's birthday is tomorrow! Don't ask me how old he is, 'cause I can't count that high. Nevertheless I think you all know what that means...time for a list of ten awesome things about my awesome dad. Awesome.

1. The man can cook. He's best known for his chicken wings, toast and armadillo eggs, but the fun doesn't end there. One time when my mom was out of town, he made dinner for a bunch of my friends while we all watched the Mavs game and as Daniel Davis is my witness, there wasn't a single non-meat item on the menu.

2. He instilled a love of sports in me from a tender age. It was mostly reserved for a little team I like to call the Texas Rangers, but the Wylie Pirates also deserve some honorable mention (although they really didn't make a lasting impression until somewhere around the time I started dating a certain offensive lineman who shall remain handsome and nameless.)

3. He knows how to build/fix stuff, which is a quality I'm finding is less and less common in men these days. He built a set of bunk beds for me and Sarah when we were little, and those were the beds we slept in until we moved out of our parents' house. (To answer your question, he cut them down at some point, meaning no, I did not sleep in a bunk bed until I was 22 years old. But if I had you can rest assured I would have called top bunk times infinity.)

4. He pretty much stays tan year-round, which gives me a tiny, recessive ray of hope that my children might not be doomed to the life of paledom that I've so gracefully endured.

5. Although I'm sure he'll continue to deny it until the day he dies, one time he walked around the house singing "In the Ghetto" by Elvis Presley for like an hour and I WILL NEVER FORGET IT.

6. He's got jokes. Most of them come from the Brian Regan catalog, but if you're ever fortunate enough to catch a Tim Howrey original, I can tell you with confidence it's not a moment you'll soon forget.

7. He's a fisher of fish. I'm pretty sure the average weight of the fish he catches is somewhere around 53 lbs. Just a guess.

8. He has nice fingernails. This might be a weird thing to mention in his birthday ten, but I have at least one vivid childhood memory of sitting in his lap and just admiring his nailbeds and how straight the little lines were. (There ya go dad, something you didn't even you know you should be proud of!)

9. He has a spectacular southern accent. Not the trashy, annoying kind; the kind that makes you feel like you're talking to someone you can trust and who you'd maybe like to take fishing.

10. I think this picture pretty much sums up the way I feel about him; he's like a sunny afternoon in a bright orange t-shirt. Just kidding. But you know what I mean. He's a good dad and I think I'll keep him.

I love you dad!!! Hope you have a good birthday and enjoy all those Walmart gift cards we both know are coming your way!

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