Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthdog!

So I'm the worst mom ever because I didn't remember until about 9:30 pm that yesterday was Brutus's birthday! I started to feel bad but then I remembered he's a dog.

Look how excited he was when I told him he was two years old!

He's just a little camera shy.

Anyway, here are my ten favorite things about Brutus.

1. He's prettyyyy. Well he darn well better be, for how much we paid for him! Juuust kidding. But seriously. I like to accept the compliments strangers give him on his looks as if I had anything more to do with it than paying some breeders a large sum of money and driving two hours into the mountains to pick him up.

2. He's smart. Again, I love taking credit where credit has been totally misapplied, so I like to think he gets it from his mama. (And by his mama I mean me, not the canine who actually gave birth to him.)

3. He loves me! Sure, he's not the most affectionate dog out there, but he does little things to let me know how he really feels, like licking the blood off my leg when I scratch myself. Okay...either he loves me or he's a vampire. But definitely one of the two.

4. He doesn't bark or slobber. If he didn't shed he would be the perfect dog.

5. He is self-cleaning, like an oven you can cuddle with. Huskies clean themselves like cats, which is awesome because he never smells bad ever. Also he's not a cat, which is an obvious bonus.

6. He looks like a wolf, so he could probably scare away bad guys. Except for that one time.

7. He's good on long car trips. This is huge, especially considering that when he was a puppy he was terrified to be in the car and would spend the entire trip trying to claw his way up to higher ground, a.k.a. my face.

8. His names fits into a lot of popular songs. "Broot Scootin' Boogie," "Brooty Brooty Brooty Brooty Rockin' Everywhere," "I Will Always Love Bru," "Bru Moon," and my personal favorite, "Bru (I'm So Lonesome For You)" in the style of Leann Rimes.

9. He's a good big brother. He and Bravo love each other, but more than that, Brutus is teaching his little bro lots of important life lessons like how sometimes people are d-words and they take away your toy for no other reason than they don't want you to have it.

10. Sometimes he doesn't try to run away. And those times are the special times.

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