Thursday, July 14, 2011


SARAH MARIE HOWREY! YOU'RE 24 TODAY! This blog's for you.

For your birthday...

...I wrote you this blog.

...I am going to shout to everyone that it's your birthday each time we enter a room together.

...I will personally see to it that no one spits on or kicks you today.

...YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! (I didn't have anything to do with this but it's true.)

...I will not sing you anything by the Cardigans.

...I told the kid at Dutch Bros to make you that whipped cream flower with the straw stem.*

...I will carry you around so you don't have to walk because I remember how that one time you said you'd rather get fat than work out. (I remember because it was this morning.)

...WE'RE GONNA GO SEE HARRY POTTER TONIGHT! And then when you're too tired to go to work in the morning, I promise to pinch you incessantly until you wake up and/or slap me because that's what sisters are for.

...I promise to give you a real present and not just this lousy blog post.

...I'm so lucky you're my sister. You're my best friend and I literally do not know what I would do without you. I LOVE YOU! (This is also true every other day of the year but I can get away with saying it on your birthday without feeling lame.)

*This isn't true. The truth is that kid is just in love with you and the flower was all his idea.

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