Friday, July 29, 2011

The Votes Are In!!!

In a surprising last-minute turn of events, it's

Here are the final results:

Honorable mention to all those who entered answers in the "other" field. I have no idea who submitted them unless they told me about it, so I'll give credit where I can.
  • Carrie Underplant
  • P. Lo
  • woMandrake - none other than Tim Howrey
  • Audrey III
  • Ryan Chlorophyllipe - Daniel Davis
  • Floral Hardy - Daniel Davis
  • Botany Spears - Daniel Davis
Thanks to everyone who voted! I have a feeling Gwynnie and I will be very happy together.

1 comment:

themausspad said...

So many things. Okay, first of all, it is so creepy what you have learned to do with Microsoft Paint. But I love the name you settled on, so although my dreams will be haunted with Gwyneth Plantrow heads, I approve. Secondly, when I saw that you commented on my blog, the very first thing I thought was, "I've made it. I've arrived!" Thirdly, I'm sooo glad I know you in real life!!!