Monday, August 1, 2011

I Am Woman.

This weekend I bought a drill.

Then I took it home and used it.


Juuust kidding. That's not really the end. IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING.

Sarah and I have this little joke about how I'm "crippled by a husband." Basically there are just a lot of things I've never needed to learn how to do (hang shelves, kill spiders, hit things with a hammer) because I have a strapping young man at my disposal to do it for me.

However, since Gary's started working weekends I've begun to realize that I am NOT in fact a weak and helpless female. To my surprise, I'm actually turning out to be kind of a bamf. And I've got the examples to prove it!
Example #1: I smoked ribs for Sarah's birthday party a couple weeks ago. And they were GOOD.

Example #2: Yesterday...well, you know. The drill. (Get it?! You know the drill?! Man I crack me up.)
The significance of this is of course that in the event that Gary should die in a fiery helicopter crash, I just might survive.

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