Friday, August 12, 2011

The Craft

I don't know if it's that I'm poor or just that I'm nerdy...but I've been really into crafting lately. (Clearly it's that I'm nerdy since I just used the word crafting.)

I'm really excited to show you the stuff I'm making, but so far I've only finished one project and I can't show it to you because it's a birthday present that I haven't given to the birthday girl yet. BUT. I'm working on some other stuff that I CAN tell you about.

I have two projects in the works, and then a couple more ideas that I'm not sure about.

The first project is making curtains for our kitchen. I eventually want to make some for the entire house, but since I bought the fabric for the kitchen like three weeks ago and still haven't even finished ironing it all, I should be done with the entire house...never. (In my defense, I've had to iron the same pieces of fabric multiple times because I keep laying them out on the guest bed and someone keeps trampling on them. Okay it's two someones. Two hairy, four-legged someones.)

Anyway here's the fabric I bought for the kitchen:

The second project is the one I'm most excited about (besides the AWESOME birthday present which I will show you on Monday.) This is the plan:

(I found this on an etsy site called BootsNGus where they make lots of awesome lights and other things)
They're mason jar hanging lights! We don't have a real light in our living room so we've just been using a floor lamp, but I think it would be nice to have something hanging down from the ceiling instead of our lamp which points straight up. (P.S. I should point out that I will have little to nothing to do with making this because I'm kind of an idiot and Gary is kind of a genius. For example, he fixed our dishwasher this weekend which involved something something copper pipes...unfortunately the only plumbing terminology I'm familiar with is the word plumbing.)

Now on to the maybes...this log wall art that I found on Curbly:

(Tutorial can be found here)
And these q-tip flowers from homemade ginger...

(Tutorial here)
...which are based on these giant ones from Anthropologie.

I really like both of these ideas but I'm just a little hesitant, a) because the first one requires the use of a saw and I totally wouldn't put it past me to cut off one of my own fingers; and b) because I'm not sure how obvious it is that the second one is made from Q-tips and food coloring.

Thoughts are welcome, but only if they're nice and/or helpful.

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Tabi Burleson said...

I would try doing one little flower and see how you feel about it before committing yourself to the whole thing. I mean, I get lots of compliments on my egg-carton flowers, but that's usually because people find out that my son made them...