Tuesday, September 27, 2011

End of an Era

...or is it? INCEPTION!

Okay here's the deal. I just saw Inception because I live under a large rock where there are no movie theaters...but we recently got a Redbox because those things are everywhere - even here, under my rock - so I finally watched it.

I liked the movie, but it also kinda made me sad because it meant that I couldn't make my favorite joke anymore. To give you a taste of what my favorite joke is, read this post I started to write a few months ago but which Sarah told me not to post "because it didn't make any sense and why won't you just watch the movie already?"
This is a letter to myself. (INCEPTION!)


I've arranged this inceptervention because things have gotten a little out of hand with you (me). I (me) know you (I) don't want to hear this, but somebody's gotta tell you (me) and it might as well be someone you (I) trust. I don't want to waste your (my) time so I'll just come right out and say it: Not everything is "just like Inception!" (Although it should probably be said that this is possibly the worst format for addressing this issue, as this meta-letter is kind of making your (my) brain explode.)
Basically I just liked shouting "INCEPTION!" after every word I said that had anything to do with another word I'd said. Make sense? No? Oh, I guess that's why Sarah told me not to post it.

In closing, I have no concrete plans to stop making this joke any time in the immediate future, even though now having seen the movie I should really know better.


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eric said...

If you ever have to abandon this joke there's always the old standby of substituting variations of "Smurf" for swear words. "Shut the Smurf up!" is a classic you can employ.