Friday, September 16, 2011

Furry Fridays

So I'm kind of obsessed with looking at all the available dogs at our local Humane Society...even though I'm pretty sure a third dog would both literally and figuratively eat us out of house and home.

BUT! I've found a way to make my compulsion seem less alarming! FURRY FRIDAYS! I will feature a different available pet each week* from the Pikes Peak Humane Society. And I guess I should clarify that each week the featured pet will be a dog, because cats are useless.

This week's featured pet is Cosmo, a 2 year old miniature poodle and cocker spaniel mix.

Look how happy he is! Don't you want to go rescue him??? He would probably just sit in your lap and look up at you like this ALL DAY LONG!
For more information on Cosmo, click this link.

*For as long as I feel like it. Remember Time-Waster Thursdays? Or CILKARAMO? Maybe I have a consistency problem. OR MAYBE I JUST DO WHATEVER I WANT.

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