Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh Yeah, I'm HUGE in Philadelphia blog has been nominated for CBS Philly's Most Valuable Blogger Award.

I was obsessively checking my blog stats to see how many pageviews I'd gotten yesterday and happened to glance down at the traffic sources (for all you non-nerds, that shows you all the places where people have followed links to get to your blog) when I saw this:

I clicked on it out of sheer curiosity and then just sat there staring at my computer with my mouth open for about five minutes.

Gray Matter? That's my blog! Are they talking about my blog? They think I'm funny, witty and light hearted??? THAT IS SO NIC--wait...what???

So I did a little research and came to the conclusion that, for reasons unknown, I am indeed a finalist in this competition.

First of all I want to say thank you SO MUCH to whoever it was that nominated me! I am seriously honored/flattered/touched, and if you tell me who you are I promise to say lots of nice things about you on the Internet.

But I do kinda want to discourage you guys from going there and voting for me, because I'm quite certain I only ended up as a finalist by mistake. In fact, here's an excerpt from the rules that proves it:

I'm sure whoever was checking my eligibility must have just assumed I'm from Philadelphia and not Colorado Springs. (Although I have been known to throw down on a cheese steak or two in my time...but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.) So while it might be tempting to vote for me because you're nice and you like me, I'd sure hate to steal votes from someone who actually qualifies and might really like to win this contest.

Actually, if you're feeling generous, how about this: click on this link, look through the finalists and vote for somebody else! 'Cause everybody likes winning stuff, right? Make somebody in Philly feel good!


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Ermine and Pearls said...

HA! OH. MY. GOSH! Only you, Emily. This would never in a million years happen to anyone else but you. I bet you have won all kinds of awards in places like Madison, WI., Colby, KA, or the like, and you don't even know it!

Well, I sure would vote for you if you were from PA. Why won't you just write ONE blog about the place and call it good?! Huh, huh?

E Bailey said...

i voted for you anyway. so sue me.