Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pickled Banana? Anyone? Anyone?

I was packing my lunch this morning and I thought, "Hey! I'm having a BBQ chicken sandwich for lunch! You know what goes great with BBQ chicken sandwiches??? PICKLES! And once I start eating pickles, there's no telling how many I'm gonna want, so I better go ahead and bring the whole jar!"

So I did. Now, any non-idiotic person would have foreseen that everything else in my lunch bag was doomed to be contaminated with pickle juice because liquid never seems to want to stay in jars, but not this girl! I did consider the possibility of leakage, but my solution was to wrap the jar in a plastic grocery bag before putting it in my lunch bag, because those things are totally water tight!

So now I have the pleasure of adding a pickled banana and a pickled apple to today's menu. Who knows? Maybe they'll be delicious! Also maybe someone will give me a million dollars today! And then I'll never have to work again! WHICH MEANS THERE WILL NEVER AGAIN BE A NEED FOR ME TO PACK A LUNCH THAT INCLUDES A JAR OF PICKLES WHOSE CONTENTS WILL SEEP THROUGH MY LUNCH BAG, STINKING UP SARAH'S CAR AND PARTIALLY PRESERVING MY LEFT LEG!!! THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Or maybe it'll just be a regular day during which everyone keeps a safe distance from my pickled leg.

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