Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dirty Thirty

Since today marks one year of Weight Watching, I thought I'd show you some pictures of my progress so far. I've lost a total of 30 pounds (and if you're like, "Wait, didn't she say she lost 30 pounds like 3 months ago?" then you should probably LOOK AT THAT BIRD OVER THERE! It turns out the blog isn't the only thing from which I've been vacationing of late...but whatever.)

Anyway here's me one year ago:

And here's me last night!

Anyway I still have a ways to go, but I have to say I feel pretty good! It's easy to get down on myself for "only" losing 30 pounds in a year, but then I just try to remind myself that most years I do nothing, and this year I happened to drop 30 pounds. ON TO THE NEXT 30!

1 comment:

E Bailey said...

you look freakin amayayayzing. you are a super hero for doing this, seriously.