Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ipso Facto...Nickelback Is the Devil

Hey, so remember how last week I was all like, "You have until Monday to vote and then I'll talk about this again!" and then Monday came and I did NOT talk about it again?

I have only myself to blame. Myself and Nickelback*.

Anyway the results are in...kind of. According to the official results, hundy wins. But I have a strong suspicion that something went awry with the poll I used, because a certain person who sits in the cubicle across from me and shall remain nameless** attempted several times to vote for hundo with no success, but not for a lack of computer literacy. I REPEAT: SHE IS EXTREMELY COMPUTER LITERATE AND WOULD PROBABLY BE A GREAT CANDIDATE FOR A JOB THAT REQUIRED A HIGH LEVEL OF FAMILIARITY WITH WEB 2.0. What? No reason; I was just saying.

Anyway...where was I? I'm sorry, I was distracted by how awesome my friend is. OH yes. I was going to tell you who said what!

Gary said hundo and Sarah said hundy.

This seems...sort of anticlimactic.

How about this:

Gary said hundo, Sarah said hundy and then there was an EXPLOSION!!!

*How could this possibly be Nickelback's fault, you ask? BECAUSE EVERYTHING THAT IS BAD IS NICKELBACK'S FAULT. 
**No she won't. It was Sam.

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