Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Colorado Springs A-Lo-Go

This is the logo and tagline for Colorado Springs (with a watermark because I'm too lazy to contact CVB for the actual files):

And this is the promo video* that goes along with it:

I imagine that right now you're probably thinking to yourself, "Wow, self, those desperately need to be updated."

Well are you sitting down? 'CAUSE THEY WERE JUST UPDATED.

These were released on November 14, 2011, or as I like to call it, TWO DAYS AGO.

The unveiling has sparked a great deal of controversy - and rightfully so, considering the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau spent a whopping $111,000 to have them designed.

Here are a few of my favorite FB reactions:

"1993 called. They want their logo back."

"I would have only charged $110,000 to design that logo."

"Was that video marketing this town as a retirement destination or a camp for people with mono?"

I hate to play the devil's advocate here, but I kinda think they hit the nail on the head with this one. I've been saying that this town was stuck in the 90's for years. And here's the proof! (Alright, that post is dated July of 2010...but still. I've been saying it for year.)

As for the painfully generic tagline, I sincerely hope they were just trying to be punny, as in, "Live it up! Get it?!? UP?! 'Cause Colorado Springs is over a mile above sea level???" But my doubts far outweigh my hopes. 

*Now I'm not even going to talk about the inexplicable river-rafting scene around the 2:29 mark ('cause last time I checked there weren't any rapids running through the Springs) or the fact that half of this video actually takes place in Manitou Springs; but yes I am. I'm also going to throw out a big ol' WTF to the lady at 1:23 who, referring to Seven Falls, says, "It's like New York City, but this is all nature." IT IS NOTHING LIKE NEW YORK CITY. WHAT ON EARTH WOULD CAUSE YOU TO SAY SOMETHING LIKE THA-- oh wait. I forgot. You live in Colorado Springs, so your brain has likely been addled by the excessive use of methamphetamine. (At what point does the use of methamphetamine become "excessive"? You be the judge.)

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