Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thoughts on Cancelling Plans

I love it.


I want so badly to just leave it at that without elaborating...but that just wouldn't make for a very interesting blog post.

The way I see it, cancelling plans is kind of like stealing time. Suddenly this block of your day that you had set aside for some obligation or another is open for doing WHATEVER YOU WANT! (Usually if you're me, "whatever you want" is code for "taking a nap", but to each his own.)

The obligation doesn't even have to be something unenjoyable for me to be excited that it's cancelled. As much as I love hanging out with my friends - and I hesitate to say this for fear that people will think I have some sort of social disorder - I love sleeping more. THERE. I SAID IT. I'D RATHER TAKE A NAP THAN HANG OUT WITH YOU. (Oh, except for you of course! You know I love you more than sleep. I'm just talking about all those other people who aren't as fun as sleeping.)

Now what I'm not saying is that I would cancel plans myself just so I could have some free stolen time. It doesn't work that way, because instead of enjoying myself (read: taking a nap) I'd just spend the whole time feeling guilty and wondering if the person I bailed on hates me. (Actually I guess that should say "wondering to what degree the person I bailed on hates me" because I'm usually pretty convinced they hate me at least a little bit. The question at hand is whether it's something they could get over in a reasonably short amount of time or if it's the kind of thing that might cause them to call me fat on the Internet.)

What I am saying is that if you ever have to cancel our plans, I'll be totally okay with it. For example, Leah and I were supposed to do the Jack Quinn's run on Tuesday but she couldn't make it because she needed to get ready to leave for a trip the next day. She called to apologize, which was super nice but also suuuper unnecessary because of a little widely known fact about Emily Gray: the only thing I love more than cancelling plans is cancelling plans that involve exercising.

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