Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm Gon' Survive (WHAT) Keep On Survivin' (WHAT)

Last Friday, Michelle and Derek (my cousin and her boyfriend who are TOTALLY going to move here now...mostly because Gary fed them ribs) decided to do the incline. I distinctly remember telling them to have a great time and call me when they were done, but then somehow instead of taking a long nap while they were gone as planned, I ended up going with them. I honestly don't know how it happened; climbing a thousand stairs up the side of a mountain REALLY doesn't seem like something I would do on purpose. I think they might have drugged me.

ANYWAY the point is, not only did I do it; I SURVIVED! And here are some pictures to prove it.

This is the beginning of the incline. I was already out of breath at this point from the steep walk up the parking lot. 

This is the no trespassing sign, because technically it's illegal to hike the incline...probably for insurance reasons since there are SO MANY WAYS YOU COULD DIE.

This is what I looked like about every fifteen seconds as I was faced with how much farther we had to go/my own humanity. 

One of many breaks. I think Michelle deserves some sort of patience merit badge. LOVEYOUMICHELLE.

Oh look, it's me. Taking a break. Again.

One time Derek took a break! But it was really just to take this picture.

And this was my reward. Well, this, and an ice cream cone from Josh & John's once we got back into town.

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Kayla said...

I'm pretty sure I took fifty million breaks going up that the one time I did it. What they don't talk about is how you then have to get back down, and that takes forever as well as hard on your legs.