Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reasons Why I'm Dying. Probably. Not.

This weekend Gary and I went out to a top secret camp in the mountains whose name I'm not allowed to mention with our friends Brit and Hailey to help out. Gary was running sound and I got to help lead 600 kids in singing Katy Perry and Justin Bieber songs.

The weekend was pretty hectic so we spent most of it running around like crazy. Little known statistic about running around like crazy in the mountains: One out of four people in your group will fall down. Three times. (The locals will tell you that a good way to increase your chances of staying upright is to make sure that Emily Gray is one of the four people in your group.)

I feel like I should mention that there was a blizzard while we were there, which kind of explains why I fell down so much. (What it does not explain is how my three companions managed to avoid it...but I'm pretty sure I heard they were all part mountain goat. That's weird, you guys.)

Here's a quick rundown of the weekends events:

7:00pm Arrive at camp. Stay standing up because there's relatively little snow on the ground.
10:15pm Fist pump with 600 kids for an hour
11:45pm Leave for the house where we're staying, which is reportedly a twenty-minute drive.
12:30am Arrive at the house. Blame the roads.

6:00am Wake up to a blizzard.
7:00am Begin the twenty-minute drive back to camp in the blizzard.
7:45am Arrive at camp. (Seriously, are there ANY street signs in this town???) Immediately lose Hailey's keys in the blizzard.
8:00am Find Hailey's keys. Shake my fist the frozen stump where my hand used to be at the blizzard.
8:30am Fall down with surprising grace and try to play it off like it was on purpose.
8:31am Hailey tries to play it off like she believes me.
12:30pm Fall down again, this time with little to no grace whatsoever.
5:00pm Find out that four kids have gotten concussions from falling down; feel strangely upstaged.
7:30pm Rap in front of 600 people. No big.
7:31pm Decide that from now on I will respond exclusively to the name Lil' Luda.
9:30pm Convince the folks at camp to let us stay there so we don't die in the blizzard trying to get back to the other house.
10:45pm Brush my teeth with my finger because all our stuff is at the other house.
10:50pm Catch Gary using Brit's toothbrush.*

8am-12pm Walk around in a sleep-deprived haze. Fall down. Probably.
12:30pm WITNESS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER and capture a very blurry version of it on my camera. (Just watch the first 10 seconds or so if you're one of those weirdos who doesn't enjoy motion sickness.)

And now, inexplicably, I seem to have come down with a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold. Weird, right?

*Just kidding, Brit. Or am I???

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