Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rollin' in the Deep

(Alternate Title: Yeah, I Just Cannot Understand Why I'm Not Losing Weight!)

I made Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls last night, and I took some pictures to let you in on the process.

I'd like to begin with a picture of the book responsible for much of my early marriage weight gain. I don't really blame the book so much as that inexplicably thin woman on the front cover. Seriously? Couldn't you at least be a little fat? 

This is half the dough rolled out.

Oh that? That's just two sticks of melted butter. No big.

1/8 cup cinnamon and a cup of sugar (and please keep in mind this is only half the recipe.)

And this is what happens when you roll it up - a river of happiness.

If this makes you sick to your stomach, you're a far better person than I. (Alternately, if you just made that hagghlaggghhl sound à la Homer Simpson, we should hang out sometime, 'cause it seems like we have a lot in common.)

All rolled up and ready to go in the oven! See that stuff in the bottom of the pan? Yeah that's more butter.

BOOM! Roasted.*

I've fondly nicknamed this little concoction "liquid heart attack." It consists of two pounds of powdered sugar, coffee, whole milk and maple flavoring. Oh and BUTTER.

Put it all together and voilà! We're all gonna die of congestive heart failure!


*Okay they're not really roasted - they're baked - but I was trying to make a reference to The Office and I...I panicked! I can see now that it was a mistake.

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