Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Internet Makes Me Want Everything

My birthday's in two weeks! To make things easier on my friends and family, I decided to put together a short list of things I want. I've included links to make each item easier to find and purchase online. Hey, you're welcome!

1. Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray - Because I can't afford to buy nice hair products.

Confession: Rachel, I used yours once. AND I LOVED IT. Sarah and I were going somewhere and my bangs looked terrible. If someone buys it for me I promise to give you one spray of mine.

2. Sony eBookstore Gift Cards - Because I got an eReader for Christmas and I can't afford to buy any books for it.

3. Stila Convertible Color in Poppy - Because it's pretty and I'd like to be pretty too.

4. Hobby Lobby Gift Cards - So I can afford to do some of the Pinterest projects I've got piling up.

5. Le Wolf Petite Necklace - I found this on Etsy and it's kind of the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

6. Rainbows! - Because after seven faithful years of service, my old ones finally bit the dust this summer at camp. Anyone who is interested in buying me these might want to take note of the exact specifications in the picture below. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, MOM.)

7. Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack in Pinon Green - Because I want to be cool like everyone else in my super-secret organization. Anyone who is married to me and wants to stay that way might do well to pay very close attention to this one.

8. Industrial Rolling Side Table - Because owning something from Urban Outfitters would make me feel cool.

9. 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer LT 4D Sport Utility - Because I ran out of realistic things to ask for and I found this on Carmax.

10. 10475 Peavey Pl, Woodland Park, CO 80863 - Honey, you can put this one on layaway.


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