Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not Only Does Your Body Bang But...Your Head Bangs Too

There's nothing quite like explaining every minute detail of your job to the new CFO to convince you that your job is the most boring job in the history of jobs.

The following is a real thought that crossed my mind as I was explaining one of my daily processes: How do I not spend more time banging my head on the keyboard?

But then I remembered! LUDA is how I do not spend more time banging my head on the keyboard!

I highly recommend Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Radio* on Pandora for anyone who gets bored at work ever. If you're anything like me, you'll find that the urge to bang your head against something hard has been instantly replaced with the urge to fist pump - which, last time I checked, is never a bad thing. (Unless you're standing near someone taller than you. Then it might be really bad, 'cause not only did you just punch someone in the face...they're also bigger than you, so chances are they can probably beat your ass.)

*I have to give credit to my good friend Heather for showing me the light on Facebook. And when I say "my good friend Heather" I mean this girl named Heather who I haven't really talked to since geometry class sophomore year but who I've always really liked and still often FB stalk because she has a cute family. So Heather, if you're reading this...sorry I'm weird. Also -- you may have heard me mention this a second ago -- your family is cute.

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