Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Under the Influence (To the Tune of "Under the Sea")

Sarah: You okay?
Me: Yeah why?
Sarah: You're being real weird.

Weird, she tells me. I'M TRYING TO KICK A COLD, OKAY? And the only logical way I could think of to finish the job was to wash down each of the DayQuil gelcaps I took this morning with its own personal latte.

I'm writing this late in the day because I figured it might not be the best idea in the world to blog under the influence...but then I realized that it actually was the best idea in the world!

Okay, not to sound like a drug addict, but I looove me some DayQuil. It makes me feel like I can hang. From the ceiling. I never get stress neck when I'm surfin' the orange wave. (Stress neck is that thing of when you freak out and your head cocks to one side and your arms reflexively assume the T-Rex position in case they need to protect your scrunched-up face.)

Also it makes me deep. Like earlier I was thinking about the mail system and how they figure out which things go where...dude. Organizational NIGHTMARE, amirite? It's the kind of thing that would normally make my brain explode, but right now my brain's too busy drinking a cocktail and floating around on a large blue raft to be bothered with something as uptight as exploding or trying to figure out how mail works.


**BONUS** Forty two million awesome points to the first person to identify the exquisitely subtle Bill Hader reference. (Sarah, you are automatically disqualified. You know what you did.)

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Mahatma said...

Did you say t-rex? http://trextrying.tumblr.com/