Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I dropped Gary off at the airport this morning, never to be seen again.

Not really. That's just how it feels.

Today he starts his new job with GeoStabilization, Inc. They do (wait for it) geostabilization (!) meaning they build retaining walls and do various other things to prevent landslides and keep the ground where it's supposed to be. He gets to use lots of fancy equipment and drive big machines around, so I think he's really going to enjoy it.

He'll be on a rotation schedule, meaning he'll work for two to three weeks and then be home for a fraction of that time (approximately one-third) before going out again. His first rotation is a short one, scheduled for just a week and a half in Terry, Montana.

I haven't mentioned anything about it before now because our plans have been constantly changing. It seemed like the moment we thought we knew what we were doing, something would fall through or another opportunity would present itself and demand to be considered. To be honest, it's been emotionally (and financially) exhausting.

We're doing this for several reasons. We're tired of not having any money. Gary needs to finish helicopter school. Someday we'd like to make tiny versions of ourselves and we'd also like it if I could stay home and make faces over their cribs.

Obviously since he's only been gone a few hours, I don't really know yet how I'm going to hold up. I have lots of friends and hobbies, so in theory I should be fine...but I miss him already.

On a lighter (and yet somehow darker) note, I have been debating for several days whether or not I was going to post anything about this on the blog because I have a real fear that announcing on the Internet that I'm going to be home alone (and therefore especially vulnerable to murderers) for large periods of time will result in my untimely death. So if any murderers are reading this, please don't kill me. I'm sad enough as it is.

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