Monday, April 30, 2012

I Dabble

So there's this new website called Dabble where you can sign up to teach or take a one-time class on just about anything. It's only available in a few cities right now, but fortunately for me, Denver is one of them, so I'm taking a women's writing class tomorrow night! There are two spots left in the class if anyone wants to join me!

(They're not like paying me for the advertisement or anything; the fact that this post is reading like a low-budge infomercial is purely coincidental.)

I've been tossing around the idea of taking a creative writing class at a local college, but I decided to try this one out first and then see what I want to do from there.

There's a voice inside my head telling me this is all a waste of time and that I'll never write anything worth reading, but you know what? That voice can suck it. You guys are obviously still reading this, and I've got some extra time on my hands since Gary's out of town so much, so why not?

Who knows? Maybe I will write something worth reading, and maybe I'll even get published someday, and then maybe my published work will find its way into the hands of one of Tina Fey's assistants, and maybe they'll rave so much about how great it is that she'll grudgingly agree to read it, and maybe she'll realize a few chapters in that she's finally found the kindred spirit she's spent her whole life searching for, and then maybe she'll call me and ask if I want to move to New York to be her best friend!

I haven't given it much thought; this is just one of many possible outcomes.

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