Thursday, June 7, 2012

Empire State of Wind

There was a crazy storm in the Springs last night. Theresa and her boyfriend are visiting and we all died.

GOTCHA! We didn't die! But seriously, we almost did. We were driving on I-25 and a car in front of us hydroplaned and spun all the way across three lanes and into some bushes just off the shoulder, which was unbelievably lucky placement considering that had she been 30 feet in either direction, she would have either hit a concrete wall or gone clear off the side of a hill. PRAISE JESUS.

This is a picture of the cotton-ballsiest clouds I've ever seen in my life. (It's possible I'm misusing that phrase.)

This is a picture of my front yard after the fact. Who needs grass, amirite?

And finally, this is a picture of Jay-Z trying his hardest to blend in.

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